I Let an Astrologer Take Over My Skincare Routine and It Was Interesting


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Mercury, take the wheel!

Venus turns retrograde in Gemini (lasting until June 25th). This is a great time to
connect with an old-school skincare regimen that stands the test of time.
Being that Venus retrograde is in Gemini (an air sign), you’ll want to use vapor, like steam or a hot towel, to open up your pores. – LS
Another steam day! Which is great, TBH, because it’s only one step and fits right in with my lazy
I opt for a hot towel,
close my eyes, and pretend like I’m in a spa instead of my dingy NYC bathroom. And because I can’t stand the feeling of dry skin, I cheat (sorry!!) and put on some
Day four
The Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius is today, which will make your skin crave some extra TLC. Jupiter retrograde begins its retrograde journey backwards in Capricorn. Being that it aligns with Uranus and Neptune in your chart, you’ll want to
add oils like vitamin E or rose to your face.
Frankincense oil is also good to reduce inflammation, but the scent may be too strong for others. However, your Grand Fire Trine may enjoy the pungent scent. – LS
Another road block: I don’t have any
, rose oil, or frankincense oil at my apartment (shocking considering how much of a product hoarder I am),
so I just apply the same
face oil
that I used on day one.

There’s vitamin E in it, so it counts, k? Also, she’s right—I do love a strong scent. I can’t help it! It’s def because of the fact that I’m a triple fire (aka Leo sun, Aries rising, and Sag moon)—it makes my personality, and the things that I’m drawn to, a little more intense.
Day five
Under today’s Pisces Moon, you’ll want to awaken your sleep from its slumber. Put
a face roller in the fridge
and use the cool energy to detox and glow up your skin. – LS
TBH, at this point, I’m not sure if my skin is showing any actual signs of improvement, but
it feels pretty damn good to
roll a jade stone
all over it.
Yes, I know that jade rollers don’t actually have the ability to lift and tighten, but it just makes me feel so relaxed. And, not gonna lie, after a nice rolling session, it does look a little less puffy (even if the effect is only temporary).
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