From how to cover them like Eva Longoria to embracing them like Chrissy Teigen here’s how to take care of your greys


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07 May 2020
Can a grey hair become pigmented again?
“No – unless your hair has temporarily lost its pigment due to a health condition or medication,” says Kingsley.
Does hair turn grey or grow grey?
“White hair is caused when a protein in the base of the hair follicle triggers a switch-off in the production of melani. There is no gradual fading of colour for that hair – it changes from fully coloured to white,” says Van Clarke. Since our hair goes through different cycles (it grows, sheds and grows again), the grey will begin to grow through with a new hair cycle.
Why do some people’s hair not go grey?
“It is primarily down to genes,” says Kingsley, “but environmental factors may also play a role.”
Will greys show up in some hair colours more than others?
“The ratio of white hairs to

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