This Morning’s Dr Ranj reveals secret behind his youthful glowing skin


Photo Credit:OK! Magazine

Dr Ranj Singh may have reached his 40th milestone but he doesn’t look a day over 21 thanks to his simple skincare routine.

This Morning’s Dr Ranj Singh has kindly shared the truth behind his youthful glowing skin – and it’s something that you would never have guessed.
Everyone’s favourite TV doctor spoken exclusively to OK! Magazine where he revealed that he loves to apply Johnson’s Baby Top-to-Toe moisturiser on his face, which you can pick up for as little as £2.50 from Boots.
Dr Ranj said he often gets quizzed about his skincare regime but says he likes to keep things simple and wants to encourages others, particularly men, to make more of an effort in looking after themselves.
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“First and foremost when it comes to your skin I always say get yourself a decent face wash. The one I personally like, is by a company called Mene and Moy.”
Speaking about the cleanser which retails for around £27, Dr Ranj added: “This one has got a mild peeling agent in it called glycolic acid, and I find that actually cleans my skin really well. Be careful with it though it can dry your skin out so try it out and see if its suits you.”
Moving on to his secret weapon, Dr Ranj shared: “A lot of people will be surprised about this… Moisturisers, just go for something really simple and straightforward.
“I use baby moisturiser, it’s cheap, it does the job, it smells quite nice. Make sure you moisturise regularly, a lot of blokes aren’t good at that!”
Switching to his hair regime, the Strictly Come Dancing contestant who sports an impeccably perfect quiff hairstyle, said he used any type of shampoo and conditioner.
But to style his hair he stuck to Tresemme Freeze Hold Spray, which you can pick up at online for around £5 a can.

“That’s it, I don’t use wax, I don’t use gel, I just blow dry it, style it how I want to and spray it into place!”
Read More Beauty and Health Dr Ranj, who showed OK! an exclusive look inside his home, admitted that ahead of turning 40 that one of his biggest fears was growing old.
“In your thirties you can kind of still get away with stuff, but now I’m a grown up. I did have a big party to celebrate, though. My thirties were the making of me. I came into my own in that decade,” he said.
And even though he takes care of his skin with his simple routine and leads a healthy lifestyle, Dr Ranj confessed he does like the occasional treat.
“I’m not somebody who denies myself anything – I like to have a drink and eat junk food. Just don’t do anything to excess. I had chocolate eggs for breakfast today, but it’s not something I do every day.”
He added of appearing on TV in front of millions: “I definitely feel pressure and I’m my biggest critic. I’m like, ‘Oh no, not the best choice of outfit’ or ‘sort your hair out’ when I watch myself back.
“I do try to look my best but I remind myself I’m doing it because it makes me feel good, not for anybody else. I get support and advice from the whole This Morning family including Holly [Willoughby] and Phil [Schofield]. We’re like a family, and they’ve been in the business a lot longer so it’s really nice to be able to rely on that. We’re all there for each other.
“For example Holly asks me for medical advice for her children and then I’ll text Gok Wan if I want some fashion guidance. There’s a lot of coronavirus chat from everyone at the moment!”

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