Where to donate in support of racial equality


Photo Credit:Cosmopolitan UK

Including memorial collections, bail funds and supporting the work of people of colour

speaking up
, and having potentially difficult conversations with friends, family and colleagues about institutionalised racism are all good places to start – but you can also donate if you are in the financial position to do so.
Donating funds is important, because while solidarity, awareness and amplification of voices helps – giving people the financial resources to make changes to the world is necessary for progress to occur.
Here are some places to start, from US-based causes, to UK-led charities and collectives – plus one option if you’re not in a position to make a monetary donation.

US-based and international
George Floyd’s memorial fund
Following the homicide of George Floyd, his family set up the below fund to cover funeral and burial expenses, counselling, accommodation and travel for court proceedings, and for the benefit, care and education of his children.
Ahmaud Arbery’s memorial fund
In February Ahmaud was shot by Travis McMichael, the son of retired Brunswick investigator Greg McMichael. The below fundraiser was set up to account for the financial burden of of grieving and seeking justice.

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