Why Is Everybody Suddenly Selling Their Nudes?


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Everybody from Blac Chyna to Caroline Calloway has popped up on OnlyFans. But what about the actual professionals?

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posted on sex worker journalism site Tits and Sass titled, “Can You Make Six Figures A Year Off Reply Guys? Caroline Calloway Thinks So,” writer Kat summed up the situation perfectly:”We’ve all watched how well it ends for the girl who does amateur night once, lucks out with a $300 set, and makes calculations on just how rich she’s about to become based on that number….Having a group of grown men screaming that they need to see your butthole at 6 p.m. on a Tuesday is not exactly what these types envision when studying Cardi B videos.”
What Calloway and other celebrity drop-ins to OnlyFans fail to realize is that sex work is actual, serious labor, not a bandwagon to hop on. On OnlyFans, this often means seven days a week of work, constant posting on multiple platforms, and buying the latest lighting equipment, costumes and sex toys. There are constantly
shifting referral bonuses
to consider, metrics to calculate, customized content for private DMs and cross-platform promotions to roll out.
What Calloway celebrity drop-ins to OnlyFans fail to realize is that sex work is actual, serious labor, not a bandwagon to hop on.
“It takes time and energy to accommodate certain requests, prep for pictures and videos, actually record videos and edit them, etc.

and to make sure your clientele are getting what they requested. It means pushing your body to perform sexually as well,” says
, a pre-med student who transitioned from go-go dancing to OnlyFans to pay her tuition. Rain DeGrey echoed this fact, “It took me a solid year and a half before I was putting out content that was really worth anything and had built up my base to where it is now.”
Though digital sex work is “safer” in some senses—lessening chances of physical violence, rape, and STDs—there are other dangers. Online harassment can lead to offline stalking, and blocking abusers on the platform is difficult. “It’s really hard to stop someone from contacting you if you don’t want them to,” said Rain DeGrey. Then there’s the IRL stigma. Employers with morality clauses can use facial recognition software and screenshots to attach sex workers to their government names. Currently, OnlyFans requires performers to upload a driver’s license for identity verification, instantly linking their content to that information.
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