Halle Berry Burns 250 Calories In Just 15 Minutes With This 10 Piece Of Home Cardio Workout


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‘My calves were on fire and my arms and legs burned like you wouldn’t believe.’

up a notch by making jumping rope the main event. (Peter is
saying that switching things up and challenging your body in new ways is key if you want to keep seeing results and getting fitter.) So, after seeing the
, he dared me to do a jump-rope challenge. My goal:
1,500 skips
Now, I’m incredibly competitive. If you challenge me with something, my ego and my pride kick in and I have. to. win. It’s not even a question; I get tunnel vision-level focus and I just
do it
I broke the challenge up into three sets of 500 skips. Once I found my groove, I could do 100 skips without missing a beat. In all, it took me about 15 minutes to get to 1,500. (
I burned 250-plus calories in the process
, Peter estimated). By the end, my calves were on fire and my arms and legs burned like you wouldn’t believe.
In the end, I was surprised at how fun—and difficult—it wound up being! I really pushed myself and
it was probably one of the most strenuous cardiovascular workouts I’ve ever done
. For two (maybe even three) days afterwards, you couldn’t even touch my calves,
they were SO sore
—but I loved it because I knew I’d given my body a good jolt!
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