Justin Timberlake Salutes Class of 2020


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Justin Timberlake appeared at the top of YouTube's Dear Class of 2020 celebration.

Courtesy of YouTube
Justin Timberlake speaks during YouTube’s”Dear Class of 2020″
Justin Timberlake appeared at the top of YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020 celebration, a celebrity-studded virtual party to salute this year’s graduates who can’t get together in person thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.
“So 2020 decided to test you… and this is harder than any test or final you had all your life,” Timberlake said, sending in a video from what appeared to be the Man of the Woods’ cabin in the woods.
“I get it – it’s not fair, it’s heartbreaking, it makes you stop and think ‘why did this happen?’ I don’t have the answers but in the face of obstacles we have the great ability to surprise ourselves with how we fight back.

“I’m speaking on behalf of the world when I say, we’re impressed,” he continued.”Nothing – not even a global pandemic – is going to keep you from the future you make for yourself.”
He also teased the A-list lineup for the Sunday (June 7) event:”That includes me, the Obamas, Beyonce, BTS, the Obamas, Taylor Swift, Malala, Maluma, the Obamas, J.Lo and yeah, the Obamas….. Life gave you lemons, so we called Beyonce.”

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