Bon Appetit Editor-in-Chief Adam Rapoport Called to Resign Over Brownface Photo


Photo Credit:Eater

The 2013 photo, which resurfaced on Twitter, is one of multiple incidents of racism surrounding the food publication

, headlined “Food Has Always Been Political.” In it, he writes, “In recent years, we at
have been reckoning with our blind spots when it comes to race. We still have work to do… So, as an editor, the question I’m now asking our team is how do we locate the intersection of food and politics in this current moment? And how can we report on this convergence in a way that is engaging and useful to our millions of readers?”
Part of the answer, as many food writers and
staffers past and present are now sharing on social media, are that it should not take the ongoing murder of black people by the state for newsrooms to finally look inward and make changes that are well past due. That it shouldn’t take employees risking their jobs by speaking publicly — that there is no more room for white bosses and editors to place the responsibility of fixing structural racism in the industry on BIPOC.

And that racism and inequity is not fixed by tepid letters from the editor or by publicizing diversity initiatives while failing to take steps internally so that black and brown people feel safe and supported.
Eater has reached out to Adam Rapoport and Condé Nast for comment on both the photo and the ongoing accusations of racism within the publication. We will update if and when they respond.
Disclaimer: Multiple people named in this story are past or current Eater staffers or contributors.
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