With More Workouts Streaming From Home You’re Going To Want This Beautiful Weight Set


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These minimalist weights and bands actually double as decor.

. A good set of hand weights or a sturdy resistance band are always at one’s disposal in a gym or studio, but that’s not the norm at home. While you
use heavyish non-perishable food items like soup cans as weights, it doesn’t take more than a few days to realize they’re cumbersome to hold and not that efficient, even if thrifty. Plus, most of the dumbbells and resistance bands on the market make for eyesores that require stowing away in closets and drawers when they’re not in use, running the risk of being forgotten forever.
Now more than ever, it’s time to get your hands on workout equipment that you love. Enter: Kenko’s minimal handcrafted dumbbells and resistance bands.

This pretty set of hardwood weights doubles as decor in their downtime. With gym memberships likely remaining on hiatus for the foreseeable future and online workout classes costing less than their in-person counterparts, a set of weights and bands you’ll actually
to leave out on your countertop seems like a worthy investment.
Here, the best home workout equipment set that you can leave out until your
next sweat session
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Kenko handcrafted walnut and maple dumbbells and resistance bands

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