How to Master the At-Home Pedicure in 6 Simple Steps


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Everything you need to know about giving yourself a pedicure at home, according to French celebrity podiatrist Bastien Gonzalez.

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, and Robert DeNiro). Even without regular appointments, however, there’s plenty of upkeep we can—and should—do on our own. “My whole idea is to find a way to help people love their feet and get better feet,” adds Gonzalez.
Below, he breaks down the simple steps to achieving a perfect pedicure at home. (Hint: It doesn’t involve polish.)
Massage and Moisturize Every Night
“The skin on feet is seven times thicker than on the face, so you need a very powerful cream with strong actives to reach the different layers,” says Gonzalez, who recommends massaging each foot for at least 20 seconds every night, much the way one might fluff their pillows in the morning. “Try to pinch the skin up and roll it to dissociate the skin from the layer under it.

If you do these simple movements for five seconds on each place where you have a callus, you will help the skin get back its elasticity.”
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Exfoliate With Caution
To soften calluses, soak your feet in water for at least ten minutes and then go over the skin in soft, circular motions with a foot file. (A scrub also works, notes Gonzalez.) Be careful not to overdo it, he cautions: “If you over-file, it will create two problems: one, you break the elasticity of the skin. Two, you burn it, which will create additional calluses to defend the skin.”
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