What Happened When This Man Ran Every Day for 9 Months


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YouTuber Billy the Titan ran every day for nine months and totally transformed his body, dropping 55 pounds and developing more stamina and speed.

a separate video
, where he emphasizes the importance of a warmup and cooldown.
“I will resume my running every day videos in the new year when I should be fully rested and remotivated!” he wrote.
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In total, he has lost 55 pounds so far.
“Damn I’m more and more impressed by the progress you’ve been able to make as time goes on! Keep it up we are all rooting for you 😊 and also, [your] mental health comes first I’m glad you are treating yourself well,” one commenter wrote.
Ultimately, he went from only being able to run for 15 minutes at a time at the start of the challenge to over an hour and a half.

He also upped his speed throughout the nine-month journey.
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