16 Quarantine Date Ideas That Are Actually Really Great


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Keeping the flame alive in the time of coronavirus.

can be extremely valuable.
Just last week, I was speaking to my therapist about how I’ve felt an inexplicable sense of loss since I’ve started to go to sleep much earlier than my boyfriend. “Maybe you just need to be better at initiating sex,” she said. So the next night, when we were working side by side on the couch, I finished what I was writing, saved my document, shut my laptop, and said, “Do you want to have sex?” It was the best quarantine date night we’ve had so far.
9. Have a spa night.
We can all be a little territorial over our favorite self-care products, so why not take a night to call a truce? Any product is up for grabs during your spa at-home date night—your favorite mask, their favorite cream, a little bit of this, a little bit of that. End with a massage. Put cucumbers over your eyes. Soak in the luxury that is escapism.
10. Take turns cooking a romantic dinner.
In my quarantine home, dinner tends to be a joint effort. Together, we agree on a “menu,” if you want to call it that; one of us cooks the protein, one of us cooks the side, and whoever is up for it tosses the salad—usually him, if I’m being honest. This isn’t romantic, but it isn’t
romantic either—it’s utilitarian. We make it work with each other’s days and schedules in mind.
That’s why I recommend a dedicated cooking night: one person takes full control over one night, the other person takes another. The meal is a gift; the present is not having to lift a finger—an action that feels quite meaningful these days.
11. Or, if you’ve been cooking a lot, switch things up and order in.
Support your favorite local restaurant and spend the time you’d otherwise need to prep your meal doing something else together, like taking a walk or playing a game. For added romance, order from someplace particularly nostalgic.
12. Clean the apartment together!
Doesn’t it sound so fun to date me? I know you’re probably thinking,
, but hear me out. Similar to my recommendation that you hand a meal off to one person to take on entirely, I think there is something to be said about dedicating a specific, finite, and certain amount of time to tackling something rather than constantly having to do little maintenance on it all of the time. This is a particularly draining part of quarantine.

There are always dishes to do, always a messy corner, always one dusty surface, you get the rest. You will probably want or need to clean your home at some point. Instead of doing it a little bit at a time, all of the time, spend one hour going all-out together. Make it an activity! Reward yourselves afterward! Listen to good music. You’ll connect over your shared goal. The bonus? It will lessen the here-and-there cleaning you do around the house tenfold.
13. Take a walk to a place you love.
Walks are fun, therapeutic for your mind, and feel good for your body. I like to take them often—especially after a day of sitting within the same four walls as my significant other. That being said, having the ability to do so is a privilege, dependent upon everything from your location to the amount of free time you’re able to spend. If and when you are able to take a walk together, it’s worth a go around the block. If you’re able, trek to a place that you love—your favorite park, or even a lamppost. There is something to be said for a quiet conversation outdoors—creating your own little world in the middle of everyone else’s. (And, of course, remember to
if and when you do go out in public.)
14. Try speed puzzling.
I can’t promise this won’t also make you fight. But it will certainly make you laugh. And sometimes, that’s just as important. There is nothing—and I mean nothing—like doing a puzzle under pressure. Set a timer depending on how many pieces are in your puzzle, and go. No phones, no TV, no interruptions. Just the two of you.
15. Take a virtual cooking class.
Take a classic date night idea and turn it into a classic at-home date night idea. The internet is loaded with virtual and Zoom cooking classes, though I’m most interested in
Airbnb’s Online Experiences
. You can help support individuals from around the world by taking one-on-one cooking lessons with them in classes like “Spanish Tapas Like My Grandma Used to Make” from a woman in Spain or learn “All About Coffee With a Colombian Pro Taster & Barista.” They’re also extremely affordable, mostly under $25 per person per class.
16. Do an online workout class together.
Now, there’s pretty much an online workout class option to suit everyone’s tastes. We’ve put together a list of some of our faves

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