27 Photographers’ Portraits of Their Moms From Loving to Unapologetic


Photo Credit:W magazine

This Mother’s Day, see how photographers like Larry Sultan, Tina Barney, Olivia Bee, and more have captured their moms throughout the years.

Mom On The Couch
“I made this photo at my grandma’s house in Virginia, after my mom had fallen asleep in her robe. Seeing her this way made me nostalgic. I thought her robe looked like a party dress, and turned around that way, you couldn’t really tell if she was my mother, or if she was me—16 and asleep on the couch after a long night of partying. I admire her so much; my favorite thing in the world is when I realize the ways in which we are alike.” —Marisa Chafetz
José Alvarado
“One of my first memories of my mother was her proudly hanging one of my childhood drawings on our fridge. Growing up in a family with two younger brothers, our creativity and pursuits were never neglected or ignored but celebrated. We didn’t have much growing up in terms of fancy technology, art supplies, or even cameras, but we were perfectly happy with what we had.

As a child, my mother would always bring home stacks of paper after working overnight at her job at the newspaper for me to doodle and paint on. I would spend the next few days with my head in my new drawings, excited to create. When my ambitions started to turn to photography she would take me with her to her job at
The Journal News
. She wanted me to see how photos were developed and how a newspaper was created. My mother was always about building the foundations for things; She wanted to really help grow a passion and love for these creative outlets in me.
, Mom,
por todo tu amor
and for showing me what it means to work hard, be determined, and stay teachable in order to reach your dreams.
Feliz Día de la Madre
.” —José Alvarado

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