Netflix is adapting new Elena Ferrante book before it’s even out


Photo Credit:Entertainment Weekly

The book would’ve been out in the U.S. already if it weren’t for the coronavirus.

still isn’t out yet in the U.S. but Netflix has some bella notizia to share, regardless. The streaming service and Fandango are adapting
The Lying Life of Adults
into a Netflix original series.
The novel tells of the character Giovanna and her transition from childhood to adolescence in 1990s Naples, Italy. “A girl in search of her true reflection in a divided Naples: the Naples of the heights, which assumes a mask of refinement, and the Naples of the depths, a place of excess and vulgarity,” a description for the show reads. “Adrift, she vacillates between these two cities, falling into one then climbing back to the other.” Italian singer Emma Marrone narrates a video announcement, released Tuesday.
The Lying Life of Adults
, which would’ve hit physical and virtual book shelves in June if it weren’t for the coronavirus pandemic. The literary work was published in Italy last November through Edizioni E/O , but the U.S. release was delayed until this Sep. 1.

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