Tina Knowles Gushes Over Phenomenal Daughter Beyonce On Mother’s Day


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This Mother’s Day, Tina Knowles celebrated her daughter Beyoncé with a sweet video montage of the two. See how more of your fave stars are celebrating the holiday!

own mother a beautiful shoutout
.”HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! The best part of my day is when I talk to my mom. Her wisdom, her smile, her gracious laughing at my dumb jokes,” she wrote.”Everyday is better when I see her face. I can’t wait to hug her again! It’s one thing I miss the most. For those of you who can, hug your Mom today!”
“This is a next level mother right here,” wrote 
Carey Hart
of his wife 
. “The love and attention that she gives to our children, is second to none. Her ability to juggle mother, musician, wife, and friend is crazy!! Through this crazy quarantine and covid infection, she has been the true hero of our house. Jameson has had a rough road w/ getting sick, and she has been a champion. I’m so proud of you baby for the mother and person that you are. Be proud, and enjoy your Mother’s Day. And yes, I had to draw pants on Jameson since we can’t keep clothes on him. I love you baby!!!!”
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Meghan King
“I wasn’t looking forward to this Mother’s Day. Quarantined with 3 screaming toddlers for 9 weeks while trying to work hasn’t exactly been a prime environment for me to feel like I’m earning any mother-of-the-year awards,” wrote
Meghan King
conflicted feelings she had about this Mother’s Day
.”Being prisoners in our home has killed our spirits and crushed our souls.

Then add this: it’s my first Mother’s Day I’m spending without a partner, something I NEVER envisioned.”Families are created out of unconditional love” I thought.”Two parents weather life’s storms but always remain together to celebrate the subsequent rainbows” I thought. But that is not my story and that makes me feel deeply regretful – like I failed my children by not giving them a nuclear family. But today I am refusing to dwell on mistakes and shitty situations I can’t control; today I control my reaction. I miss my step-kids who made me a mother before I had children of my own and I am sending them so much love. I miss my freedom. And I mourn the loss of what could’ve been. But despite this I look at my beautiful tribe with pride because I am a mother to three incredible kids and I’m the only one they’ve got. To all the mamas out there, I lift you up in solidarity for the all the hard times and in celebration of the good times. Hats off to us today, for all the hats we wear.” 
Jessica Biel
“Getting some remote Mother’s Day love from my own incredible mother and my angel of a sister in law, quarantine style! Sending respect out there to all mamas crushin’ the game or at least just surviving another day. Lol. Happy Mother’s Day homies!” wrote 
Jessica Biel

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