Warning Dakota Johnson’s Cover Shoot May Induce Quarantine Bangs


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We won’t cut bangs during the coronavirus pandemic. We won’t cut bangs. We won’t cut bangs …

Dakota Johnson
incites high levels of bang envy. Hers are a special breed ― they’re the perfect length, thickness and placement. Somehow both youthful and sexy, effortlessly chic, of another time and also right now. They’re the kind of bangs you bring photos of to the salon, where your stylist is inevitably then forced to manage expectations.
As writer Rachel Syme put it,
But to see them looking the way they look while we’re all in lockdown, left to our own devices and bereft of a stylist’s chair and better judgment?
It’s an attack, is what it is.
Steven Pan
Dakota Johnson stars on the cover of Marie Claire’s summer 2020 issue.

Johnson and her bangs are the cover stars of Marie Claire’s summer 2020 issue, out this month. In the related article, she wears a series of very good blouses and talks about her upcoming film, “The High Note,” which she stars in alongside
Tracee Ellis Ross
And that’s what we behoove you to focus on. Not the bangs. The very, very, very good bangs. Put the scissors down. Walk away.
Steven Pan
The. Bangs.
Or, you know, don’t. Do what you want. Life is short! We deserve Dakota Johnson bangs!
See? They’re powerful. And we can’t be trusted.
Steven Pan
This is an attack. A fabulous fringe attack.

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