9 of the best skipping ropes recommended by PTs


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It’s the ultimate piece of at home equipment.

skipping rope
. Ropes can be the backbone of a solid workout, provide a cardio hit and are a super versatile tool – perfect for when your usual yoga or HIIT class is off the table.
“The first thing to consider when buying a skipping rope is what results you’re after – if it’s increased endurance, go for a speed rope. If you want to build strength, pick a weighted one,” advises Tom Jenane, a nutrition and fitness expert for
Natures Health Box
, adding that weighted ropes tend to be the bigger calorie burner.”Then you need to consider your ability level, there are both beginner and advanced ropes.”
“Cheap flimsy ropes are incredibly hard to improve your form on,” notes Tom.

You should be able to feel exactly where the rope is around your body, so you know exactly when to jump too.” Look at the weight of the rope and opt for one that’s not overly light too (start with a 2lb rope). Next up: size. The taller you are, the longer the rope you’ll need, otherwise it’ll keep hitting your feet – a good rule of thumb is finding a rope 3 foot longer than your height.
Here, seven top personal trainers give their rope recommendations along with tips on how they like to use them. You’ll be double-jumping in no time…
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