Could This Spice Be Your Next Performance Booster?


Photo Credit:Runner’s World

According to new research, turmeric could also help you improve muscle recovery and even boost overall exercise performance.

Why You’re Sore After Some Workouts and Not Others
Another question for future researchers: How much do you need to see the benefits? In the recent review, Suhett said there was a range of dosages, and some were taken in combination with other compounds such as Boswellia extract, which is an herbal supplement. In general, though, the most common dose was between 180mg to 500mg daily and the period of supplementation was short—often for just a few days, or only after
intense exercise
. But the fact that researchers saw benefits from that is promising, she added.
“However, we still have to be cautious about recommendations because curcumin is not yet considered a sports supplement with the highest degree of evidence,” she added.

More studies will need to be done to bring it to that level, but in general, the most promising results seem to be decreased muscle damage from training as well as reduced pain. Both are related to less exercise-related inflammation, said Suhett.
While more research will yield additional answers, this might be a cue to add a bit more spice into your life—or at least consider a postrun curry dish.
“These studies showed significant results in sports and physical activity after supplementation for a short period of time,” she said.

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