Ryan Reynolds just trolled Blake Lively with his Aviation gin advert


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Does the fun ever stop with these two?

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Every time Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have trolled each other on social media
It all started about three years ago
Dusty Baxter-Wright
Jun 24, 2020
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one hell of a power couple, in part thanks to their hilarious and playful (and relentless!) trolling of each other on social media. Here’s every time they’ve taken to Twitter and Instagram to lightly poke fun at each other. To be continued, no doubt.
June 24, 2020 – Ryan trolls Blake with Aviation gin advert
What would Father’s Day be without Ryan Reynolds using it as an excuse to troll his wife? In a new advert on his gin Aviation’s Instagram, dramatic music plays and it reads,”When I had my first, my life changed immediately.

I didn’t think my heart could get more full. Then along came the second and sure, I’d never been busier, but life just got better and better. A couple years later we had a third. And the little one makes me so proud. They’re the light of my life.”
While it
like Ryan is referencing his three children with Blake – James, Inez, and a daughter whose name is unknown –
then comes the punch line.”And with three kids in the house, I need them more than ever.” The ad then shifts to a picture of three Aviation gin bottles neatly lined up in a row. Hilarious.
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