Lana Condor Is Starring in a Brand New Rom-Com in Space


Photo Credit:Teen Vogue

We love to see it.

The Hollywood Reporter
The movie will be set in a future where Mars is made inhabitable to Earthly life, and the now-advanced planet will have what is deemed the best of humanity living there. Lana will star as a college student who, alongside a friend, sneaks onto a shuttle headed to Mars to find their other halves.
Lana’s character in the movie, Sophie, is described as a no-nonsense, focused student whose life gets turned upside down once she makes the brave decision to race after her boyfriend, who now lives among the best humans on the red planet.
In a post on Instagram, Lana wrote, “I am SO EXCITED for this project!!! I’ve always had a huge fascination w/ space and space travel and I absolutely cannot wait for this adventure!”
There’s no word on an exact release date just yet, but of course, not to worry — we will see Lara Jean in all of her glory in the last installment of
To All the Boys: Always and Forever, Lara Jean,
which has already been filmed.

is already on our watch-list, and we can’t wait to see how love will differ on Mars — or maybe the same Earth-like problems will await Lana’s character.
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