Kylie Jenner goes back to blonde hair while showing off Gucci lingerie


Photo Credit:TMZ

Kylie Jenner is baring it all.

an outfit that leaves little to the imagination
In the pic posted to Instagram, Jenner sports light blonde hair once again, as she has a handful of times throughout her time in the spotlight.
While offering a sultry look to the camera, Jenner posed in a black mesh Gucci bra, bedazzled with the company’s logo.
“Last night,” the model captioned her photo.
A second photo of Jenner in her revealing lingerie was shared to Instagram just hours later.
“Too good had to do a double take,” the post was captioned.
Fans were quick to offer praise for the
“Love you blonde. Love you brunette,” said one fan. “Love it all on you.”
“You look so good!!” said another. “Like is it even normal for someone to look THAT good?”
“Blonde Ky is my fav!!!” wrote another follower.
Singer Normani added: “What needed to be done.”
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