Lizzo Just Announced She’s Vegan And Is Dishing Out Plant-Based Hacks On TikTok


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‘I feel very lit and full.’

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For dinner, the”Good As Hell” songstress makes meat-alternative balls with truffle, chickpeas, and mushrooms plus quinoa and leftover colorful salad. Last but not least, Lizzo’s day ends much like it started, with a peanut butter jelly smoothie. She blended together peanut butter, frozen strawberries, oats, oat milk, vanilla protein powder, and”love from Jesus.”
Lizzo added,”I feel very lit and full.” Worth noting: she served her dessert smoothie with a side of racial justice advocacy. She wrote,”We still need justice for Breonna Taylor,” alongside texting instructions.

Lizzo / TikTok
While Lizzo may be a newbie at plant-based eating, she’s making it look easy.”Being plant-based and vegan has been pretty easy except when I am hungover,” Lizzo explains in another video. That’s when her cheesy eggs craving strikes, but she has a simple solution. Lizzo shows how she whips up an omelette with Just Egg and vegan carne asada leftovers.
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