Kellyanne Conway’s 15-Year-Old Daughter Claudia Is Posting Anti-Trump TikToks


Photo Credit:Marie Claire

The 15-year-old posts anti-Trump memes and Black Lives Matter messages for her more than 22,000 followers using the handle @shortfakeblond. 

magazine that she wanted her daughter to know that she “very much” respected Hillary Clinton’s presidential run and”in this country, anybody can do anything if they set their mind to it.”
Despite their political differences, the mother-daughter duo seem to be on good terms.
When asked by a TikTok follower whether they”get along usually,” Claudia responded”yes we do get along!” Another follower said:”Girl you got your platform now, use it.” Claudia responded:”i will!!!! WE WILL NOT BE SILENT.”
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  • That’s the last ressort of hope. A mother who works for an a**hole and a daughter, who says, f**k this a**hole! Great!
  • @PINK1963DSW The whole family is on the grift