12 of the Best Brushes for Textured Hair


Photo Credit:Vogue Magazine

Whether you’re looking to add volume, detangle, slick, or blow-dry your hair, celebrity stylist Naeemah Lafond weighs in on the best brushes for textured hair.

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“One of the most magical things about natural curly hair is the versatility in being able to manipulate the texture,” Lafond says. “When blow-drying naturally curly and coily hair, you want to use a brush that has a firm and sturdy base and bendable bristles.” Her go-to is the Ibiza CX6 paddle brush. “Using a good paddle brush allows for a snag-free blowout experience that’s easy on your wrist, making switching up your look a task you’d be willing to take on when you can’t make it to the salon.”
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For doing sleek buns and ponytails, the right brush is key. As Lafond notes, “It’s impossible to get a super-sleek look in curly hair without using the proper brush.

You want to use a boar bristle brush with close-set and sturdy natural bristles.” It’s important to note that the closer set the bristles are, the smoother the finish will be. “Tightly stacked bristles like those on the Classic Mason Pearson Boar Brush will work twice as hard to smooth coils and lay the hair down without any damage to your tresses.” And of course, many love to add an artful touch when it comes to
and laying their edges, making the Baby Tress brush the ideal tool for achieving stylized or practical baby hairs.
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