Kate Middleton’s Recent Public Appearance Has Royal Fans Worried


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After Kate Middleton shared a photo of her latest engagement, fans expressed concern over her safety.

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Now that restrictions in the UK are starting to ease up, members of the royal family are beginning to swap out their endless Zoom meetings and video calls for in-person engagements. And even though it’s delightful to see their non-blurry faces interacting with people IRL, some royal fans are concerned after seeing one of the
Duchess of Cambridge’s most recent photos
Recently, Kate visited East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices to help plant a garden.
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Alongside EACH volunteers, the duchess helped plant flowers and other plants for The Nook, one of the organization’s hospices.

Although the gesture, of course, was lovely, some people were concerned over how Kate went about this engagement. In fact, both fans and experts expressed downright shock over the duchess’s seemingly flippant attitude about social distancing rules.
In addition to a few comments from concerned royal fans, the hosts of a royal podcast expressed their surprise at Kate’s approach as well.

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