CDC Director Says Agency Won’t Revise School Reopening Guidelines Despite Trump Pressure


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“Our guidelines are our guidelines,” CDC Director Robert Redfield said.

that Trump’s push to”prematurely reopen” schools ignores the health experts and is”dangerous.”
Other politicians question the administration’s ability to cut federal funding, as Evan Hollander, spokesperson for Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee, said in a
to NPR that Trump”has no authority to cut off funding for these students, and threatening to do so to prop up his flailing campaign is offensive.”
of school funding comes from states and localities, and Trump has limited ability to curtail appropriations approved by Congress.

key background
On Tuesday, Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she is “very seriously” looking at withholding federal funds from schools that don’t physically reopen this fall. “Schools have got to open up, there has got to be concerted effort to address the needs of all kids and adults who are fear-mongering and making excuses simply have got to stop doing it and turn their attention on what is right for students and for their families,” DeVos

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  • they really require that lunch be brought from home? The school lunch program is one reason students need to be back in school