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Moms don’t have ADHD, do they?!? Oh, yes — in fact, adult women are the fastest growing population of ADHD diagnoses. In other words, you are not alone — in your conflicting emotions, your healing, or your chance at a new start.

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who were diagnosed in adulthood experienced their”Aha!” moment when their child was diagnosed. Suddenly, you start to recognize yourself and your life’s struggles in the diagnosis, too. You’ve always known there was something going on, and now, after learning about the condition, you think you have ADHD. What steps should you take? Read on to find out how you can know for sure, and find the resources for moving forward.
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1. Become an Expert
Does your life feel like one big struggle? Are you perpetually disappointed and frustrated? The first step in your ADHD journey is to pursue a
correct diagnosis
. Begin by learning all you can about adult ADHD — to the point where you’re more educated about the condition than is your doctor! Talk to her about related conditions — like anxiety, mood disorders, or thyroid problems — to help you explain symptoms ignored or misdiagnosed in the past.

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2. Allow Yourself to Grieve
Getting a diagnosis is Step One. Step Two is beginning to look at your life in two distinct phases: pre- and post-diagnosis. After your doctor tells you that you have ADHD, it’s a whole new beginning! But first you need to get closure on the pre-diagnosis phase, so make sure you deal with your emotions. You need time to grieve and come to terms with the information. Only after you work through your feelings can you start moving forward with a clear vision of your life post-diagnosis.

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