Big Poppa the Bulldog Has Self-Isolation Blues in Heartbreakingly Lonesome Viral Photo


Photo Credit:People

‘Not being dramatic but I would literally die for big poppa,’ wrote Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams on Twitter about the sad dog

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Big Poppa’s owner Rae Elle of Atlanta, Georgia, posted her pup on social media, offering more glimpses at the dog’s quarantine life — including an adorably too-small lounging bed on his patio for people-watching.
“I bought Poppa a new bed during lockdown. It arrived too small but he wouldn’t get out of it,”
Rae Elle on Twitter, sharing a video of Big Poppa resting in the undersized gift.
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Speaking out to his new fans, Big Poppa wrote on Instagram that he “can’t wait” to see people after the stay-at-home protocols are lifted.

“Hi Instagram. Thanks for the love, I’ve never thought i would have so many new friends,” reads
one Instagram caption
. “I cant wait to meet some of you after Quarantine. Xoxo Big Poppa.”
In another photo from this week, the bulldog enjoys a walk, but gazes longingly through a chain-link fence, looking for humans he can’t let pet him for the time being. “Looking for Children to play with,” reads the

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