Roger Goodell Reveals Home Basement for NFL Draft ‘Usually Filled with Dolls’


Photo Credit:TMZ

Wanna see what Roger Goodell’s ‘man cave’ looks like? Great — here ya go!

“We’ve turned this into a mini studio. There will be 3 people in here with me [during the NFL Draft].”
So, what’s in Roger’s man cave? Some football books, football bobbleheads, old cleats, signed footballs, an American flag.
Rog says he’s been testing out his Internet connection and his technology and insists”it worked pretty well last night.”
There’s more … Roger was also asked if the NFL season is in danger of being canceled.
“One thing I’ve learned about what we’re going through as a country is you can’t tell a week from now, much less 3 months from now. Our job is to be ready. We’ll be ready to make alternatives … we’ll be putting public safety #1 as we always do and make sure our fans, our players, everyone are able to be in a safe environment.”
Translation — who knows?!

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  • Cause he has twin daughters.. he’s saying as a girl dad his man cave is usually filled with their toys. Little different than your headline suggests I think
  • Thought it would be filled with pies, seltzer guns, and colorful wigs. You know, because hes a clown.