5 Ways To Be A Better Manager In A Virtual Work Environment


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In times of social distancing, employees are looking for leadership.

more likely to report
feeling anxious and lonely than telecommuting dads. 
Stress over balancing work and personal lives is running high, which can result in unintentional mistakes or miscommunication. Try not to make quick judgements, conclusions or assumptions. Recognize that your employees, like you, are under additional pressures. Give your employees the occasional benefit of the doubt. They are human, just like you. If and when an issue becomes reoccurring and a real problem, then address it.
5.     Get personal.
For some, working remotely can feel rigid or transactional. Your work centers around email and scheduled meetings. You may feel like you lack the opportunities you would have at the water cooler, lunch, break room or hallway to chat informally about work or about topics unrelated to your work. Working remotely can feel impersonal.
A manager’s job is to make sure their reports do not feel detached. One way to maintain a connection is to get personal.

Ask your employees how they are doing in terms of their well-being or about the book they are reading, as examples. Take the time to occasionally connect on things that are not associated with work, and tap into what makes them happy or excited outside of work. Your reports will sense that you care about them as people, not just as workers. And when your employee knows that you care about them, your employee will care more about you. When they care more about you, they will be more receptive, respectful and responsible employees.
Take intentional steps to be a better manager when your team is working remotely. Initiate video meetings with your team, inquire about what your reports need, inspire, give them the occasional break and get personal. Being a better manager means being a better leader.
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