Uoma Beauty Founder Launches PullUpOrShutUp to Raise Awareness About the Lack of Black Beauty Execs


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Here’s how to put the pressure on your favorite beauty brands to do more than just donate.

Jun 2, 2020 at 11:37pm PDT
These people cannot speak, they’re afraid they’re going to lose their jobs.
#PullUpOrShutUp aims to take the private conversations happening at beauty companies across the world public. “These people cannot speak, they’re afraid they’re going to lose their jobs,” Chuter adds.
Though the campaign asked for the number of Black executives to be released within days, Chuter knows that most beauty companies won’t pull the numbers together in time. “We asked for 72 hours to give us something tangible. I hope they respond, but I know they probably won’t. Because guess what, it took America nine days for three white people to be arrested. Nine days of America on fire,” she says. “The longer they keep it, it’s just going to get bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and bigger. It is in their best interest to act quickly.”
Of course, the campaign doesn’t end after just three days. And for Chuter, asking for public acknowledgement of the lack of diversity is only the beginning.

“Step one is acceptance. That is a huge part of any change to start—you have to accept publicly with all humility, ‘I have got this wrong, and I have a problem.’ And then step two is let’s start a dialogue on how we’re going to fix it,” she adds. “To me, the answer is we need an independent diversity board set up for every industry.”
Starting today, #PullUpOrShutUp is asking for the creation of an independent diversity board for beauty companies—funded by both the government and the industry—with representatives from every marginalized group. “We all have to be there and sit down to discuss the issue and solutions, because it is a complex problem,” she says.
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