10 Clarifying Shampoos That Will Properly De-Gunk Your Hair


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So fresh and so clean.

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Even though I am a beauty product hoarder and embrace my (extremely extra) million-step nighttime skincare routine, somehow, my hair care routine has always been bare-bones. I couldn’t figure out how to keep my hair healthy enough. I always ended up with split ends less than a month after a haircut. Even though I hardly ever used heat on my hair, the ends became a mess. And, once I started coloring my fine, silky, shiny hair, it completely lost that shampoo commercial-inspired luster. Then, I finally said enough is enough and discovered a new product I love: clarifying shampoos.
First off, what exactly
a clarifying shampoo? Think of it as a supercharged shampoo: It cuts through all of the grease, oil, and most importantly, built-up product sitting on your strands even after you’ve washed your hair.

Clarifying shampoos work as a reset button so that you can start styling your hair with a blank canvas. You’ve probably used one without knowing it—salons often use them to prep your hair for services like a keratin treatment or relaxer so that your hair is totally fresh and ready to take on new product.
Clarifying shampoos have seriously changed my hair for the better, and now I can gladly whip my hair back and forth. Ahead, shop for the best clarifying shampoos out there.
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