18 Work From Home Essentials That ELLE Editors Swear By


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‘Just the slightest bit of excessive noise bothers me, whether it was my neighbor above me doing burpees (we’ve become friends now), or, now that I have relocated home, all of the calls my mom takes on speaker phone. So to help me stay focused and get stuff done, I cannot do without my Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones. And when the battery needs to be charged on these, I switch to Apple AirPods\u2014 talk about being prepared!’\u2014 Kia D. Goosby, Fashion Editor, Hearst Fashion Group

“I’m quarantining with my boyfriend, so having a good pair of headphones to do Zoom meetings and Slack calls with is essential so he doesn’t have to hear all my calls or any videos I’m playing while doing my job. These
AirPod Pros
have been great with their noise cancellation mode and overall transportability. I can transition seamlessly from my laptop to my phone via Bluetooth, knowing I will be heard and the quality of the audio overall will be solid. Bonus perk: These are great for afternoon quarantine break walks.”– Alyssa Bailey, Digital News and Strategy Editor
Portable Laptop Lap Desk with Handle
“Figuring out my laptop desk has been one of the bigger woes of my WFH situation.

I’ve tried the”Pillow mountain method” of stacking a million throw pillows to create a little desk on the couch. I’ve even tried the Carrie Bradshaw situation of lying on my stomach and typing on my bed. But then, I got to thinking… Was I missing out on the one true item I needed in my life? Was the perfect laptop tray there all along (sitting in my Amazon cart)? I finally checked out and have received my new love, the Honey-Can-Do Portable Laptop Lap Desk. ~And they worked happily ever after.”– Chloe Hall, Digital Beauty Director
One-Shoulder Bra Top

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