Jake Paul Rips ‘Old Retired’ Nate Robinson NBA Star Vows To KO ‘Bird Head Ass’


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Allen Iverson
— and says Jake is a BUM compared to those guys.
Nate has never had an amateur or pro boxing fight — and Jake says he’s simply biting off more than he can chew.
“You’re not ready, you haven’t even sparred yet,” Jake said.”you don’t even know what it’s like to spar, buddy.”
“Shut up, Jake … with your bird head ass,” Nate barked back.”Listen, come September 12, bro, you said you was gonna knock me out. Just make sure you’re a man of your word.”
Jake added,”This is the only thing you have going for you … where was Nate Robinson before this? … I’m like a doctor with the shock pedals reviving your career!!”
Even Robinson’s bud and ex-NBA star,
, got in on the fun … saying he wanted to go after one of Jake’s friends!!
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The guys did settle down for a bit to talk about the opportunity to fight under legends like Tyson and RJJ .

. and they both understand it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.
“All the stars have aligned and it’s honestly an honor to be a part of the Mike Tyson card,” Paul tells us.”Like, seriously, a dream come true. I can’t even believe it.”
Nate says he’s tapping
— as well as other boxing greats — to help him train for the big event.
“I’ve been working with guys like Floyd Mayweather out here in Vegas,” Robinson says.
“I’ve been working with Ron Johnson, David Benavidez, the brothers … I’ll be working with Terence Crawford and a couple of other guys getting ready for this fight. I can’t wait.”

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