13 Best Looks from Beyonce’s “Black Is King”


Photo Credit:Teen Vogue

Perhaps the most difficult list ever created.

, it was clear from the get-go that
Black Is King
was going to be one rooted in culture and history.
Beyoncé’s intent is consistent. She plans, researches, and gives her all to every single visual that she puts out into the world.
Black Is King
is no different and
The Lion King
’s ties to the motherland, to Africa, make it all the more special. With her knowledge and love of Black history, there was no way that this film wouldn’t celebrate the Black experience. “My hope for this film is that it shifts the global perception of the word Black,” Beyoncé said in a recent
segment. “It’s always meant inspiration, and love, and strength, and beauty to me.” And it shows.
Black Is King
, Beyoncé sheds light on Black beauty in a way that no one else has seemed to accomplish yet.

From the intentionality of her long cornrows and the way her clothes drape elegantly over her curves to the homage she pays to the ancestors through costuming. Bey’s creativeness is embedded in culture and she is keen on making sure that is her legacy.
It is clear that Beyoncé’s creative team poured their all into this for the world to see. This project encapsulates how beautiful and inspirational Black is. It is a project embedded in raw greatness. The visuals are a celebration of Black life and the narrative couldn’t have been complete without the costume designing by Beyoncé’s longtime stylist,
, and the beauty, here are some of the best fashion and beauty moments that we loved from
Black Is King

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