Having vivid dreams during this phase of the pandemic? This could be why


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An expert has the answers we’ve all been looking for.

those intense emotions.
Dreams are functionally very important for clearing the emotional pathways
“We know that dreams are functionally very important for clearing the emotional pathways, so I would say that when our waking life is more vivid then so is our dream life,” she points out.
“At the moment, the pandemic that we’re all having to deal with will probably be mainly responsible for that vivid dreaming process. Our routines are suddenly all upside down. The rules have changed. We’re overloaded with information on a 24/7 basis. We can’t really avoid that really anxious exposure.
The anxiety-inducing situation we’re all facing could mean our dreams need to work harder to help us process our emotions.
“So I think what we’re seeing at the moment, and certainly what I’m hearing from people that I’m working with, is that our dreams are having a lot of anxiety. There’s a lot of anxious content in these dreams. There are more nightmares, people are experiencing dreams that are waking up and disturbing them.

Cummings also highlights that the need to learn new skills and adapt to a new way of life, whether that’s because we’re working from home for the first time or trying to navigate all the new social rules and etiquette that comes with the
measures, is probably also going to be a factor in our vivid dreams.
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“I would be very surprised to hear anyone say that they weren’t having vivid dreams,” she says. “The longer this lockdown and quarantine goes on the more our dreaming world will have to do a lot of extra work.
“Until we can start making the abnormal more normal, I think we’re going to see the results of the world what we’re living in in our dreaming life.”
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