Ciara Welcomes Her New Baby With a Mask on And Sings Him Happy Birthday


Photo Credit:Vogue Magazine

On Instagram, Ciara and Russell Wilson celebrated their newborn’s very first birthday, and revealed his name.

, Ciara said that she’s been extra cautious about coronavirus throughout her pregnancy. When she went to get a recent ultrasound, Wilson waited for her outside. “I had a little ziplock bag of gloves for the appointment and then I had my mask,” she explained. “When I went from one room to the other, I switched to a new pair of gloves. When the image of the baby came on the screen, I FaceTimed Russ in the car so that he could see. We women carry the baby, but for my husband, being in the room and listening to the heartbeat in real time is one of his ways of connecting. For him not to be part of that was a symbol of this time that we’re living through.”
The couple were together in the delivery room, however, where Ciara was all glowing skin and somehow perfectly in-place brows.

With her baby sleeping on her chest—and after a bit of encouragement from the doctors in the room—Ciara led a first-birthday celebration, sing “Happy Birthday” in her famous voice.
Win joins Ciara and Russell’s family of 3-year-old Sienna, and 6-year-old Future Jr., the singer’s child with Future.
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