The very best under-the-radar beauty subscription boxes to keep your stash on top form or gift for someone’s birthday


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New discoveries, luxe minis and monthly treats delivered direct to your door.

Monthly and you can cancel at any time.
Why you need it:
This is a brand who are putting comfort and convenience at the forefront. No more hacking at your shins with blunt razors, this promises an
ultra smooth shave every time
. To begin with, you’re sent a metal razor (which you can engrave, should you fancy, for an extra £6) alongside a pack of 4 blades. You can add on extras such as Shave Cream, Pre-Shave Scrub or Post Shave Balm (each £6). Then, each month after that, you’re sent a set of 4 blade refills to replace on your razor. And, because they’re all about fighting the patriarchy, their blades cost £1 less than other leading brands, to counter the pink tax – which means, you can say so, long to razor rash and extra costs and hello to wonderfully smooth legs, pits and bits.

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