CPHFW SS21 – Custommade If Marie Antoinette was a Danish Girl NORDIC STYLE MAG


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Custommade offered their usual French elegance translatable into casual Danish trends – here’s their blooming garden of fancy ideas.

Brøgger’s SS21 film
, you may notice certain similarities. Here, however, the signature sophistication of the brand translated into the more polished, palace garden surroundings, where Custommade muses engaged in a stylish game of badminton or broke into dance – which we’ve all done during quarantine, right?
The ever so French elements – embellished collars, mega pearl necklaces and classic Chanel-esque tweed suits – could easily be explored through a Copenhagen context, opening a world of styling opportunities. The trademark bedazzled stillettos may not be everyone’s footwear of choice (certainly not mine!), but the classic 40’s trouser shorts and mini smock high collar dresses could fit well into an everyday look with a pair of trusty sneakers.

Custommade is very consistent in their vision, but we’re welcome to reinterpret the collection as it is handed to us – which is something I really appreciate in brands.
As Custommade’s clothing is so traditionally feminine, I was happy to see retro crochet cardigans and an English grandad golf vest sneak their way into the guipure and balloon sleeve universe. A parade of pinks, tapestry patterns and playful polka dots added to the aura of creative boredom and dressing up just for the sake of it – even if only to dance around your romantic Versaille-inspired gardens. It may be a bit too good girl and sugar sweet for me personally, but I appreciate how Custommade always stays true to themselves.
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