Netflix’s The Crown has a new Princess Diana and fans have a lot to say about it


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Elizabeth Debicki will take on the role of ‘the people’s princess’ in the show’s final seasons.

NATION WE REALLY KEEP WINNING!” tweeted one fan in excitement.
“I can smell the awards coming,” added another.
“So dang excited! She will be great! Love this actress and similarity to Diana is undeniable!” said one more.
Others labelled the casting decision as “perfect”, insisted the announcement had left them “crying” (in the best possible way, of course), and used heart-eyed emoji upon heart-eyed emoji to make their feelings on the matter clear.
“This is amazing,” said one.
“Oh, hell yeah,” added another.
And still one more tweeted: “This is the best!”
Our favourite response, though?
For those who aren’t familiar with Debicki’s work, she’s previously starred in
Vita & Virginia, The Great Gatsby, Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2, Macbeth,
and (as mentioned)
The Night Manager.

She will also be coming to cinema screens later this summer in Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated movie,
Essentially, she’s a talented actor, and it’s no wonder fans are excited to see her pick up where current Princess Diana actor Emma Corrin will leave off in season four of
The Crown
(which is rumoured to be coming to Netflix this November).
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