The ‘Skinny House’ That Went Viral on TikTok Just Sold for 260 000


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A ‘skinny house’ located in Deerfield, Illinois that’s going viral on TikTok just sold for $260,000.

is filled with popular home improvement content. Now, a home in Deerfield, Illinois is going viral on the video sharing app simply because of its extremely narrow width.
Recently, TikTok user
posted a video of the super slim home, dubbing it”SKINNY HOUSE” multiple times in the caption and in the video. For a brief moment at the beginning of the video, viewers only see the front of the home, which looks fairly flat. But then the video shows the side of the house, revealing how unusually skinny the home’s width is. Wondering just how narrow the home is? The 1,122-square-foot house is a mere three feet wide on one end and gradually widens to about 20 feet, the
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