A ‘Twindemic’ Is Possible This Fall Here’s How to Prepare and Protect Yourself


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Flu season and a potential resurgence in coronavirus cases may overlap this fall and winter, causing a ‘twindemic.’ Here’s how to prepare.

. In a year where hospitals are already overloaded, that presents a clear overcrowding issue.”This is a real risk,” said Richard Watkins, MD, an infectious disease physician and professor of internal medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical University, in an interview with
According to the
New York Times
, doctors also say that flu can make patients more vulnerable to severe COVID-19.”Coming down with both viruses at once,” the article adds,”could be disastrous.”
How to Protect Yourself From the Twindemic
The most important thing you can do is
.”I implore people: get vaccinated against influenza,” said William Schaffner, MD, an infectious disease specialist and professor at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, in the
article.”It’s one of the viruses we can do something about.” He acknowledged that the vaccine”isn’t perfect”; doctors have to predict which strain is mostly like to spread in a given season, and yes, it only lasts you for

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