Brooke Shields Shared the Stability Ball Workout She Does for Sculpted Glutes at 55


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You can do it right at home!

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Sep 9, 2020 at 8:36am PDT
After 10 reps, Shields moved the stability ball to the side and got on all fours for the Superman. To perform this move, reach out your left arm and right leg, then bring your left elbow in to touch your right knee for a crunch. Then, alternate sides, and reach your right arm and left leg out, only to bring them back to center.
“Squeeze the butt at the top and lock the leg out,” Okafor said. “Bring the elbows as close as you can to the knee without leaning.” He also said to keep your hands raised above the floor in between reps to increase the intensity. “That’s the work, keeping your core strong so you have that balance.”
“The balance is hard,” Shields said as she wobbled, but she finished all of the reps like a total pro.
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Next, she laid on her back with her legs bent.

Okafor told her to reach her arms straight out in front of her. “Now, reach for the ceiling,” he said as Shields completed 10 reps. Then, the model completed one more round of the whole circuit.
Fans are super grateful to Shields for providing free live workouts that people can do right at home amid the coronavirus pandemic. “Thank you for sharing Brooke! You inspire me. Especially during time of chaos,” one person wrote.
Shields said that she’s about to embark on a seven-week trip to Scotland to film an upcoming romantic-comedy, but she hopes to find time to continue her live Instagram workouts with Okafor from across the pond. Either way, you
the actress will find a way to sweat!
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