Mark Consuelos Says One of the Sexiest Things About Kelly Ripa Goes Beyond Her Looks


Photo Credit:Prevention Magazine

“I’m so attracted to my wife and not just on a physical level.”

Kelly Ripa Showed Off Her Gray Hair on Live TV
“I’m married to one of the most voracious readers that you could ever meet. She reads and reads and reads and reads,” Mark said. “And I’m so attracted to my wife and not [just] on a physical level, but her brain is so sexy. Like she really knows so much … she’s been ahead of the curve so many times.”
Mark said Kelly picked up the book as a summer read and immediately saw its potential, so she checked to see if the rights were available and found herself in a bidding war against other major production companies. “She believed in it,” Mark explained. “She got on the horn with the writer… she got a phone and she talked about her vision for what the show could be, and it works. And we, she… we won, we literally won this, you know, this opportunity to make the show with Hulu.”
Kelly recommended the read

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