10 Casual But Cute Outfits to Always Have On Hand


Photo Credit:Marie Claire

Put that hoodie to stylish use.

Christian Vierig
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You’ve seen the movie: Recently single heroine runs into ex, complete with new girlfriend, in the grocery store. Heroine ducks behind a display of cereal boxes. I’m 90 percent sure this in
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
… Anyways, these types of situations do happen IRL, like when you happen upon your new boss on your way to Sunday Funday, or are seated next to your frenemy at a mutual acquaintance’s dinner party. And when they do happen, it’s best to be armed with a cute outfit that screams”I look this chic every day.” The beauty of cute-but-casual outfits is that you can make a look out of all your favorite basics, from a

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