The Best Sex Podcasts to Make You Laugh Cry and Feel Less Weird


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These candid, dirty, and erotic podcasts about sex will make you laugh, cry, and feel less weird. Topics include swinging, kinks, and more.

Curious about the swinger lifestyle? In
We Gotta Thing
, married couple, identified only as Mr. and Mrs. Jones, openly (and, fair warning, explicitly) discuss their experiences in the swinging lifestyle.
Seek Treatment
Friends and comedians Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan host this insanely funny podcast. Every week, they invite”a non-boring guest to dish the dirt on living, laughing, and yeah…loving.” Episode titles range from “Famous Celebrities Always in Relationships” to “Jerk Off and Say Ur Ambitious.”
51 First Dates
Kimmy Foskett was challenged by her therapist to break her bad dating habits by going on 100 first dates—and the 51 First Dates podcast was born. Foskett and Liza Renzulli recap a new date every week and interview interesting guests (like a dating app ghostwriter).
Girls On Porn
Rachel and Laura are the two anonymous hosts of this no-holds-barred podcast, and you probably guessed what it’s about (porn). Each episode, the hosts research and review porn based on popular search terms. From interviewing porn stars to finding content that checks all your boxes, Girls on Porn is the search engine for porn you’ve always wanted.
U Up?
Betches Media co-founder Jordana Abraham and comedian Jared Freid come together to give their hot takes on questions ranging from”Is it shallow to only want to date rich people?” to”Should I delete photos of my ex from Instagram?” on this funny podcast for the modern dater.

Horizontal with Lila
An intimate, thoughtful, often funny sex podcast hosted by Lila and recorded entirely while lying down. Sometimes guests lie down with her to discuss domination, Shibari, and evolutionary biology in what Lila calls “consensual eavesdropping.” It’s sexy and poetic and eye-opening.
Sex and Other Human Activities
Marcus Parks and Jackie Zebrowski host this bite-sized podcasts in which they answer listener questions about sex, but in a more psychological fashion. Like, why is it hard to get it on when you’re stressed out? How do you know whether you’re complaining for no reason or whether your issue is actually a dealbreaker? Find out, and maybe even laugh about it.
The best erotic fan-fic podcast in existence, you can hear stories about your favorite fictional characters across all media—TV, books, movies, whatever—get it on in ways both creative and exciting. It will make you wish the source material had actually gone there.
It’s more a collection of sexy audio stories, based on the (personally, correct) assumption that women have an amazing ability to picture erotic scenarios in their heads based on aural cues, as opposed to merely watching porn. It’s an app with a subscription, and it’s worth checking out. Read our interview with the founders

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