Charli D’Amelio’s hair stylist reveals how to get peek-a-boo hair that’s trending on TikTok


Photo Credit:British GLAMOUR

Here is how you can recreate this super cool, 50/50, peek-a-boo colour on your hair.

Aug 29, 2020 at 6:38pm PDT
Now you can get started. Grab a tail comb and make diagonal lines above your earlobe and along your occipital bone. “I don’t go above the occipital bone, so you can only see it as you lift the top half of your hair.” says Greta. Next step is to coat the back of your neck hairline and ears with vaseline, to avoid the colour bleeding onto the skin.
Then you can proceed to colour the entire back half of your hair. ”Don’t go all the way up the root, (even when highlighting) for a more natural finish,” Greta says. Now you are ready to apply the dye. Greta is a fan of hair chalk if you’re at home – she tells us that you can achieve any colour you want, without putting your hair through too much trauma and causing severe damage from a bad bleach job.

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