Maya Jama hits back at trolls as she embraces sexy ‘fuller figure’


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The former Radio One DJ told how she’s always worn the same style of clothing, but noted how when she was slimmer, ‘nobody commented on it’

Television presenter Maya Jama has hit out at trolls who slammed her gorgeous on-screen outfits as she embraces her “fuller figure”.
The radio DJ, 26, has defiantly stated she will dress exactly how she pleases as she responds to the backlash of her asset-accentuating outfits in a recent TV gig.
She landed a role on BBC1 series Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer earlier this year, but was threatened by some vile viewers of being reported to the broadcaster for “hyper-sexualising” her body.
Rather than celebrating the fact a woman was fronting a primetime show, Maya was furious viewers were only talking about her choice of outfit.
In an interview with MailOnline, the star has revealed she finds it “weird” that people got so upset over her clothing.
The former Radio One DJ told how she’s always worn the same style of clothing, but noted how when she was “slimmer, nobody commented on it”.
Maya, who is worshiped by fans for her gorgeous figure, said as soon as her body got a bit “fuller” people were “shocked and insulted” by it.
“I found it ridiculous,” the Bristol-born star said.
‘I’ve been wearing the same outfits, the same cut tops, my entire career and there was never really that many comments on it until I started putting on a bit of weight.

Maya, whose status as a “god-like” woman has seen her mentioned in songs by some of the world’s biggest rappers, admitted she didn’t see what all the fuss was about.
She continued: “I was like ‘Gosh, if you’re shocked at boobs or even just a bit of cleavage on telly, I don’t know how people cope when they go to the swimming pool or the beach because there’s a lot more boobs on show there’.”
Vowing to continue dressing in her beautiful signature style, Maya stated: “It’s a woman’s body – I don’t feel like it should cause such outrage.
“I’m going to continue to dress how I’ve always dressed no matter what size I am.”
Maya also revealed she doesn’t pay any mind to how people think she should look and said when it comes to her body she “just does what makes [her] happy”.
Refreshingly for a high-profile celebrity, Maya said: “I prefer myself as fuller.
“Other people have their own opinions on how they prefer me to look but I’m certainly not letting that influence my own ideas.”

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