5 Reasons Why Someone Might Be Mentally Stronger Than You


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Some factors are outside of your control.

. You may have inherited certain genes from your parents that mean you are more likely to have a mental illness.
And while having a mental health issue doesn’t mean you’re weak (I’ve met plenty of strong people who were battling mental health issues), building mental muscle can feel like an uphill battle when you’re combating an illness.
If you weren’t born with
on your side, however, don’t despair. You can still build incredible mental strength.
2. They Had Different Life Experiences
Your experiences—especially your
experiences—greatly affect your mental strength.
But it’s not really the experiences themselves that determine the size of your mental muscles. It’s your response to those experiences that makes the difference.
Maybe you had a rough childhood and you’ve developed
issues because you believe you are fragile. But maybe your friend who also had a rough childhood became more confident than ever because they believe if they survived a bad childhood, they can live through anything.
It’s not just
experiences that play a role. Perhaps someone else had more positive role models or they may have grown up with plenty of support and resources that shaped them.
Consider how your life experiences have shaped you. While you can’t change what happened, you can change how those encounters affect you. You can also change any self-limiting beliefs you may have learned along the way.
3. They Have a Different Personality
Some people are blessed with personalities that attract healthy, positive
. Their personalities may open the door to lots of great relationships and exciting opportunities that help them stay strong.
You might feel as though you don’t have quite so much award-winning

And that may add a little more difficulty to life at times.
There’s no evidence that “
have the advantage” or anything like that. In fact, the true advantage is self-awareness.
So simply understanding your weakness and your strengths (as well as the things you can change about yourself) could be key to reaching your greatest potential.
4. They Have a Healthier Environment
Sometimes people mistakenly believe if you’re mentally strong, you should be able to tough it out in any environment. But that’s not true.
Your surroundings play a huge role in your mental strength. If you’re surrounded by toxic people, unhealthy temptations, and complete chaos, you’ll waste a lot of brainpower throughout the day.
That’s why mentally strong people create healthy environments for themselves. Rather than waste
and mental real estate on fighting constant temptations, they preserve their energy for the most important tasks. They set themselves up for success so they can feel and do their best all the time.
So if you’re living, working, or playing in an environment that is dragging you down, you may want to make some changes.
5. They Put in More Effort
Mental muscles grow with tension—just like the physical ones do. Mentally strong people put time and energy into learning, growing, and challenging themselves.
They also experiment with coping skills and lifestyle changes to determine what works best for them. Just like there isn’t a one-size-fits-all workout for physical strength, mental strength should also be customized. What works for one person might not be as effective for you.
Mentally strong people perform specific exercises (like

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