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Five wellness experts know just how vital selfcare is for their physical and mental wellbeing. In partnership with Tetley Herbal.

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5 women share their non-negotiable self-care rules
How to
factor me-time into your day
Self-care has been a part of our vernacular for a while now – in fact, some might argue that it’s overplayed at times. However, wellness experts still agree that, at its core, it’s a vital practice, particularly during times of turbulence.
If you think we’re about to recommend that you run a bubble bath and light a candle, though, think again. Taking ‘me-time’ isn’t necessarily about blocking out hours (who has time, right?) and it doesn’t have to be expensive or overindulgent. It’s about making the most of the small moments and being more mindful of when you need to top up your internal reserves.
So, to help you add moments of ‘me’ back into your days, we spoke to five busy women who know just how vital it is for their physical and mental wellbeing to take a step back, even if it’s only for a moment, in an otherwise busy day.
“Prioritise the basics”
“Personally, being self-employed, I find it really hard to switch off; if my eyes are open, I’m working.

Technology makes it difficult to disconnect at times, too. But as they say, you can’t pour from an empty bowl…
“When it comes to self-care, I always focus on the basics: prioritising sleep, eating three meals a day, taking my supplements and hydrating well. Usually, once I have those nailed, I have the energy for more active methods of self-care, such as cycling, running or working out.
“I find that movement helps to clear my mind and allows me time to focus inwards, so I can figure out how I’m doing.”
Elle Linton, founder of
Keep it SimpELLE
“Make time for tea”
“In the world of digital publishing, things are all-go all the time, so trying to take large chunks out of my day is just an impossible task. Instead, several times a day, I step away from my desk to make a cup of tea.
“Although it’s simple, I find it an act of real love. It’s warming, it’s calming and the time it takes for the kettle to boil gives me a few moments where I’m forced to practise patience – and it’s all worth it for that first sip.
“I love choosing the tea itself too:

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